Winter’s last full Moon a Nonnette

Looking forward to all the Magick it brings.


Full Moon

You stand  here  in the silver moon light

You feel the magic of  time old

Washed in the tides ancient pull

Dancing freely in  night

Feeling free not cold

Sparkling not dull

You are  the

Full moon


This  is another poem  for “fullmoonsocial

Dedicated  to  my  eldest  son.

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No. 922

Madstoffa's crunchy house!

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A Prayer to the Wælcyrge! By CpSingleton © 2015

Within the cracks, like summer’s fields, the blood of past and
Future seep.
To mingle with the worms that
Wait, and hope my soul
The Wælcyrge keep.

With leather weathered wonder
Wings, they land by me
Without a sound.
Their gentle talons pick my ribs,
Leaving skin and still heart
On the ground.

A gift, a promise, for lady earth.
A seed that one day’ll reach up
To the sky.
A mighty oak! My dear last wish!
Within its strong arms will be
My final sigh.

Carry me, dear Wælcyrge, blessed!
Away to smiles and kindred
For there I hope to come to rest.
Within the shield of brothers

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“Keeping it Real”

Get Real…

Rubys Readings


Tuesday – Sun Conjuncts Saturn
What class have you been attending?

The Sun (our center) and Saturn (the rules and authority) are coming together in Scorpio this week, it’s time to get real about your life.

This is the last time Saturn in Scorpio will meet up with the Sun for 28 years. These last few years since Saturn moved into Scorpio, have felt like we’ve been attending a Class taught by Professor Snape“The Defense against the Dark Arts” in a Harry Potter movie! As Saturn teaches us about structure and the rules, and Scorpio takes us done a dark path to work on and face our fears directly and emotionally. Soon in December Saturn will shift into Sagittarius for a few more years. I will have more on that later.

This powerful aspect is making the mood more serious…time is an issue and we can feel restricted in…

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