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Nel silenzio

Apri gli occhi e guarda,
Guarda nel silenzio.
Li la tua natura si palesa.
Nel silenzio vive il tutto.
Nel silenzio vive il vero.
Nel silenzio c’è l’essenza.
Nel silenzio s’innalza un inno
Che a spirale sempre scende
Nell’attesa di compiere
ciò per cui sei destinata.
Scendi nel silenzio
Ed esplora il tuo sentire
E assurgi a nuova vita.



in the silence

Open your eyes and look,
Look into silence.
Li your nature is revealed.
In the silence live everything.
In silence the real lives.
In the silence there is the essence.
In the silence rises a hymn
That spiral always falls
While waiting to fulfill
that for which you are destined.
Go down into silence
And explore your hearing
And assurgi to life.


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Beltane (May Eve) Folklore

Harebell & Betony

‘There’s not a budding boy, or girl, this day,
But is got up, and gone to bring in May’

Herrick, a 17th century English poet

Decorating Houses – May Day began early in the morning. People would go out before sunrise in order to gather flowers and greenery to decorate their houses and villages with in the belief that the vegetation spirits would bring good fortune.

Washing in the early morning dew Girls would make a special point of washing their faces in the dew of the early morning. They believed this made them very beautiful for the following year.

May Queen The rest of the day was given over to various festivities. There was dancing on the village green, archery contest and exhibitions of strength. The highlight of the day was the crowning of the May Queen, the human replica of Flora. By tradition she took no part in…

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“Full Moon Guide”

Rubys Readings


Full Moon Guide

“How does the ‘Full Moon’ affect you, and how do you utilize its potent energy?”

During a ‘Full Moon’ you have an opportunity to bring about some positive changes in your life, if you use the energy wisely. It either can increase the positive energy around you or it can be an emotional wrecking ball…the choice is yours. This guide is a helpful reminder, about how to work with the ‘Full Moon’ and it’s energies.

Remember a ‘Full Moon’ disperses a lot of energy, and that energy pours into each and every one of us. So the key to achieving success during a ‘Full Moon’ is to stay calm, and embrace its positive effects. Whatever is going on with your mind, body and spirit will certainly be felt much stronger during a ‘Full Moon’, and every emotion we have can seem much more intense. A ‘Full Moons’…

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