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~ To The Call I Return ~

(To the Spirit of one’s Ancestors and the search for Love)

There seems to be much these days about one’s calling. Of course, this has been true of every generation, and every people.

Deep down, inside someone’s soul, there is that special something, that which calls out to them. Many are prone to religion, metaphysics, politics, or philosophy; one can be driven to create for themselves, a whole array of disciplines. Few, however, are so inclined to a particular calling, and then, in the mundane world, to actually follow that call.

I feel that I have had many callings.

Over a lifetime, these callings, each to their own magick, have come to me, and I have pursued these with abandon. There has been one calling, or whispering, if you will, that has always held me, has been ever-present, wherever I have been, and that is simply the magick of my natural surroundings. From all manner of trees, lakes, mountains, brooks and rivers, there has always been an allure as strong as anything I can imagine. I have spent a major portion of my life in the green of nature, and I have tried to pass this on.

The Seasons, as well, have always held a fascination for me. So, also, the Equinoxes, and Solstices. As I grew to understand and enquire about these folk-based systems, the ancestral magick which surrounded them, it did not take long to open up to these special times of the year.

All Souls’ Night, was one of those.

This particular All Souls’ night, was one in which I had spent some time considering, and it was brought up in conversation with the Muse. She seemed curious (she is one of the most curious people I have ever encountered), and presently we engaged in a long conversation about ancestors, lineage, and Her immediate family. Her father, recently deceased, had played an important, albeit illusory to me for the most part, scattered bits and pieces would come, and it was surrounded with darkness.

With this in mind, as well as many other personal intentions, I committed to setting up a vigil of sorts, if not in fact, as I had never intended such a serious undertaking on my own. I have participated in many gatherings, festivals, and folk-based affairs, but this one had to do with the actual ‘veil between worlds’, as is observed in many cultures, although this was specific to the Celto/Germanic aspects.

I would try and contact the Muse’s Father, some of my ancestors, and generally would be open to whatever came through the veil. The rituals are important, and those immersed in these disciplines, will understand the severity of the undertaking.

In the midst of all this, I had invited the Muse to attend, as I respected and acknowledged her burgeoning abilities, if She would only take these things a little more seriously, she would bring that positive energy, that dynamic spirit, which is so necessary to these functions. It was not to be.

The Muse attended a Costume Party, instead.

This was the way of it for the most part. Call it what you will, but taking second place to many of these public venues was, in my mind, rather trite and shallow; and if She really was as enamored with us, she certainly would have been able to share such a night as this. This, of course, I was considering my new ‘learning curve’, insofar as I had not ever experienced one that, on the one hand, was so fervently committed to what we were experiencing, and at the same time, so willing to pursue things that, for years, She had been doing, in such a masturbatory way. One can only be the center of attention for so long it would seem, that if offered, a more serious endeavor would not excite and draw that person.

So much for that.

We did, however, have a moment, and like most of our moments, were important and telling. Even now, I can see the moonbeams in Her eyes.

It was, for certain, my calling, and to that call I returned.

~ To The Call I Return ~

(To that ancient call of the Souls)

In ancient lands and new

To the call I return

Water and Stone –

To the elements of blood and bone.

Spirit to spirit

One and all ways

Your body next to mine –

That stately bed of Pine.

Embrace the cold and fire

Breathe on All Souls’ night

Let the magick come –

Spirits come to inspire.

My heart alight

On All Soul’s night

The Cry and Call –

Rigid pines so tall.

The end of night

A whispered wind it brings

Familiar spirits they sing –

In the early morning twilight.

The night it begins to pass

Those elements waiting to be


Seem to pass between.

Of that line before time

For you I would seek

That passing memory –

The blood drawing near.

The night it brought many a sight

Passing from tree to tree

It seemed –

The night transfixed in morning light.

No answers that I understood

All the while I thought of you

Passing your time in costume –

If you had but believed, your spirit to be revealed!

The cold it crept into my bones

The morning shadows overcome

I feel the presence of the past –

Voices pass so fast..

My spirit touched upon a quest

The nighttime brings the bliss

The votive to gods bestow –

Next year when it calls again.

Shadows in light

Of this I plainly see

The compass pointing North

Come forth!

Light the flame

Chant the words

Is it coming true –

This night of quest for truth?

I feel the power in the air

Wishing you were there

Alone and together with me –

This night of earth and sea.

The trees they bend and weave

Just like a web you see

To capture hearts and minds –

If only to remind.

There are times when men are men

And times when they are not

Between the two there is

The light and dark of ken.

An offering of intentions

Never goes unheard

Maybe it’s light, maybe dark –

But don’t be afraid.

Reach out and touch the bone

Who made and sustained you

That line behind you

Thinking just of you.

The night it passes

Soon the morning comes

Not what I thought to see

This evening of tranquility.

No dark or light

Simply Moonlight


And another moment without You.

~ Finis ~

Frank L. DeSilva

Copyright 2014