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~ Tempest and Thunder ~

The title above, belies the actual intent of this Work. It describes, in its delivery, the accent on the positive in this interaction between the Muse and I.

There had been, to say the least, such tempest and thunder between us, to make any relationship shudder, and then flounder. Through it all, however, the draw between us seemed to zig zag, to follow an uneven path, with such detours, that it was more than just a simple human interaction. At times, it simply seemed that we were, indeed, graced by the Goddess and God, for without this complex interplay of the metaphysical, we certainly would not have been able to continue.

The Muse was coming to a point between us, that she was able to share more intimate times with each other. We had not, to this point, shared a literal bed between us, as the opportunities had limited us both to our intimate encounters in nature, and those spontaneous moments were deep and filled with magick. There came a time, however, through all this tempest and thunder, that the day came, almost on a whim, and we were to be united in a more formal, and familial environment.

It was a special moment.

The time was filled with magick, desire, awareness and Love. Even now, I feel, smell, and embrace that light.

For Her gift, I am eternally grateful.

~ Tempest and Thunder ~

(To direction, consumation, and Love)

The time it has flown

Through tempest and thunder blown

The placid and beautiful moments

A breeze upon our sun-kissed skin.

A journey begun for you and I

Has taken us from one end

To the Other

Always we remain…one to the other!

Life has come betwixt

It has not brought an end

The passing sun and moon

A test of time…yet not too soon.

There comes a day so sweet

Amidst discord and trepidation meet

A glance and a smile

Intentions, mile for mile!

You came with your own intention

Heart pounding all the while

Embrace me I said

Your grip around me, sucks my breath away.

The balancing act of Life

Simple and uneven

That act of repartee –

Closure and finality is what must be.

You stand in soft repose

Your body delicate and soft

My warrior goddess suspended

In my arms, passing through the door.

Upon a sea of blue

I gently lay you down

Upon our shoulders bare

I see a throbbing vein of life!

Eyes sparkling bright

Deep hunger within

There is no time for me

Only touch and smell I see.

You said to know you

That surrender you would give

Was waiting for that moment

Once soft upon my bed.

Now both shoulders bare

A kiss for each I give

(My love!)

Your body begins to shake –

First I give, then you take!

Your eyes, they never leave me

As you follow my intentions

Those hands upon you feel

The way you felt, when on your knees you fell.

Your sex aflame with passion’s fire

Only going higher

Your nipples getting harder

Your dam about to burst.

This time has been long in


The moment must be true

It is your stately grace, which led to you!

I know for you it must be true

Seeing my fire

Has brought you fear at times

You do not allow for second best.

My liquid flows so easily

For that comfort and joy

Your eyes have changed my dear

It holds the deepest cheer.

Upon my chest you lay

Our time was heaven sent

In passion’s warm embrace

My mind and form are spent.

Your form and face

Eclipsed by

That state of grace

Is all I ever need.

Soft the evening comes

My Love

And with it emerald green:

The Light in Your Eyes…the dearest love I’ve seen.

~ Finis ~

Frank L. DeSilva

Copyright 2014