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~ Across The Far Horizon ~

(To the uncertain expectations of Time and Personal consideration)

From a distant shore

I see you sailing

Across the far horizon –

You put water to Oar.

When you embarked upon your destiny

And from that morning new

You said your stars were not fixed –

A broken course, you needed to mend.

On the shore, more inland it seems

The ruins of a Temple, long fallen down;

The remnants of stone and wood

Holding you fast, from where once you stood.

As you tried to piece together

What was left

Your vision crossed another Temple blest –

A work of passion, spirit and desire.

The form and shape, still in the process

Of rising and falling

As the plan was still forming

On either end, spires of green and blue.

A simple path, from door to Sea

Marked the ridges and shore, well-traveled

It had become; always sailing

Then resting for a while – the blocks you laid four to one.

Always you are drawn to a distant


Your desire and need

Often brings that chaos and dread.

On the ocean deep

You feel a calm

Alone and anchored

Yet you drift along.

In a circle of serendipities

The movement of waves

Makes you feel a sense of accomplishment

Yet only in circles do you run.

Time is a need or so it appears

To turn the night into day

Can you hold the Sun?

Run rabbit, run.

~ Finis ~

Frank L. DeSilva

Copyright 1/1/2014