Witches Heal the World!


Life is about finding the beauty in the mundane and the simple things around you:

  • Watching the grass as it runs with the breeze
  • Feeling your skin spark when you know there’s a presence in the room
  • Feeling rich in life even when your pockets are empty
  • Hearing sounds outside at night and feeling safe and warm
  • Knowing you are blessed every second of every day
  • Asking for help and feeling gratitude wash through you
  • Concocting a spell and knowing it is perfect!
  • Feeling the sacred rhythms of nature and being in sync with them
  • Flooding your divine nature with love, and light and laughter
  • Cleansing your soul always because you don’t want to feel the weight of the world on your shoulders
  • Bonding and melding with all things and sensing the miracle that is life
  • Wasting not a precious moment on anything that does not enrich your body, mind and soul

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