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I watched you spark
when you slept,
saw the fire
when there was
softly wrapped my fingers
in your hair,
saw the dreams you left behind,
…in your eyes,
I walked the floors
when you’d leave,
felt the desire when you
came back to me,
gently you held me
to your chest,
feeling when your breath
turned to sighs,
I heard those words
that laid it bare,
in every dare, it’s what I said,
cutting through me,
or rather, what’s left
I saw underneath
the brokeness,
all the truth I didn’t
want to hear
watched as you tumbled
back to earth,
saw the sadness
that loosed the pain,
the bliss still on
my fingertips,
and as my spirit
I stood in the falling rain,
wishing I could
figure it out,
sweet nectar still
on my lips,
and as my will
funny how you had
no doubt,

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