Relational Dynamics

Belonging is an essential biological need for all social creatures. Our biology is such that, should we feel ostracised from our ‘group’ or a person we feel a belonging connection with, we biologically go in to a self destructive state which may also include a self destructive narrative (suicide & self harm), too.  Or, alternatively, the inclination to harm or destroy others, often referred to as ‘psychopathy’*.

The stress hormone cortisol is released in large amounts as a response to a disconnection of belonging and if we experience that level for anything more than a fleeting duration, it becomes highly destructive to our biology and brain. Our biology requires a regular maintenance cycle, which on the whole occurs while we sleep, repairing and replacing cells, etc. This regular maintenance cycle is disrupted by cortisol (and lack of sleep). The result of such a disruption to our maintenance cycles can result in reduced…

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