Beloved in Light

I have spoken before about Apollon and the Minotaur, but as I am participating in the Pannychis of Ariadne that the thiasos of the Starry Bull celebrated in its calendar, the outline of which Sannion goes over here, I wanted to contemplate this more.

In recent months, as I have mentioned here and elsewhere, I have seen Apollon’s seasonal interactions involved in two main cycles which I have dubbed the Dionysian Cycle and the Demetrian Cycle. In my mind the muthos of Ariadne is very much linked to Apollon in two way. 1. As she is called the Cretan Aphrodite it is probable that this interaction may have some bearing on the close relationship between APollon and Aphrodite, which is most evident at Cypris. 2. Apollon directly and indirectly acts upon the union of Ariadne and Dionysos. How so? Well let me illuminate.

I will take us through the steps…

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