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~ I Believe In You ~

To continue in sequence, it is necessary to keep track of all the emotional, spiritual, and 1779307_10152248151274341_1242367892_nMagickal influences in the life of the Muse and I.

The tremendous pitfalls, obstacles, and life-decisions were overwhelming, and as the pressure mounted, the Muse would often seeks solace in retreat, both in the wilds of nature, as we walked and talked, as well as the ‘retreating’ of Her own courage, based in large part, on her fear of the future, of the breaking of habits and rituals long held; and which, for the most part, had sustained Her, given her stability and consistency, but sorely lacking in that mutual and complimentary growth, which She so needed, to continue her path. After all, working partnerships require understanding, patience and, above all, a clear vision of talents and growth.

The Muse wanted so much to grow, to blossom, of Her own accord, not to spite anyone else, but in simply to embrace the movement in ‘time’, which had been struggling within Her for so many years. She wanted to live a ‘Yes’, rather than the continuous ‘No’, which had become Her lot in life.

Sometimes, however, this was simply too much to ask.

This was the time, unasked for, that I simply wanted to be there, to stand with Her, simply because I Believed In Her.



~ I Believe In You ~

(To the knowing of Love and its personal strength)



Like the beauty of a Rose

Its petals unfolding

Your spirit to me revealed –

(Is why)

Is why I believe in you.


Like the unseen power of the wind

Its touch caressing

Your sensual breath upon my skin –

(Is why)

I believe in you.

The passing shimmering of the Sun

Across the expanse of an ocean view

Your width an breadth of emotion –

(Is why)

I believe in you.


The courage of your Heart

I knew it from the start

The free-flowing tears of Joy and Pain –

(Is why)

I believe in you.


The laughter in your soul

The melody of your voice

The touch of your hand upon mine –

(Is why)

I believe in you.


Your dedication, so bold and direct

The chance for you to shine 

Not selfish or mean –

(Is why)

I believe in you.


I believe in you

Even when it is gone from you

When the world to you seem barren –

Belief in you is pregnant with hope and desire.


Your spirit and soul come alive

When by my side you reside

You take your time to decide –

Matters of the Heart take Believing.


In your heart my soul abides

In the daylight dreaming

Of your spirit and dedication –

Here and now, and all ways.


Lay with me upon

Those pastures green

Walk with me as lovers often do

Hand in hand as life anew did bloom –

And we began to sing.


In a space of time

Your heart and mine

Is why –

I believe in you.


~ Finis ~

Of Magick, Masks, and Masquerades…