Brunette with a Dysfunctional Personality

new moon tea and the riddle

It was already dusk, and the sky was bruised with lavender and purple clouds. Perhaps a reflection of my heart. Life was so strange, with its vagaries. I’d never been able to keep up with it. One moment I had been struggling to hold on to happiness that seemed so real and so tangible. Another moment, that happiness turned on me and made me suffer. There were people I had loved, who now I could never forgive. All of it became a burden that made my shoulders sink lower, closer to the earth.

Vague thoughts chased my mind, and I walked listlessly till I wandered into a quaint bookshop that sold antiques and old books. I had not seen this shop before. I had planned to enter my usual haunt, a café where I always order black tea and cookies.

A wizened man sat quietly at the counter, poring through…

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