Beloved in Light

Often it is explained by historians that myths of gods that speak of their interactions with other beings bearing the epithet of the god for their name that it is a demonstration of that god absorbing the cult of a local god, setting that epithet apart from functioning epithets that lack such mythic interactions. This especially seems to be something particulary common for scholars when speaking of Apollon. Too many of them are quick to assume that this is the case with Apollon Karneios, but I find that highly improbable.

I have stated before in my post on Polythousia and Thargelia that there are two distinct cycles involved in the cult of Apollon in Hellas. One attached to grain production and agricultural activity, and the other, shared primarily by Doric states, attached to herding activity and vineyards. The latter is likely the premise of calling Apollon Bacchic in Orphic literature…

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