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~ Communion ~

Part II


This seems to be a good place to end this Work.

Through trials and tribulations, through learning and errors, the Muse and I seemed to finally be reaching a point, in which we were starting to share a deep and abiding spiritual awareness.

The Muse was still learning how to share her ‘space’, as she still coveted it, and seemed to be unaware of many things, outside of our times together, in which she thought about nothing but her ‘moments’ when away from me. It was still not clear to her, what living in her ‘head’, can do to others. She had forgotten, from a life filled with a feeling of aloneness, of abandonment, those vacancies left by others, who she felt had let her down, not willing or able, to have ‘confidence’ in people who were to come into her life.

It was painstaking, learning from the Muse, as her ability to interact was such a process –  she could wait forever – in relaying these deep feelings to me. This was hard, as I have said before, because I lacked, in many of my own traits, the talent for patience in others. Not that I was unaware of their daemons, or their pathologies, I just found it trying, when I offered to expose these to them, and they preferred to still muck through it – Ah! To personality! This, also, is the way of love and light.

Still, we were both learning from each other, and come what may, were continuing to move forward.

The Muse was creating, as well, a much more refined outlook on her own passions, and in the same vein as her first[1] deep, and resonant observation to me of her own passion, she followed up with this particular piece.


So, as we end this part of the journey, let all those who love, and are Lovers, be comforted in the fact that, abiding love can, and does exist, even when faced with terrible odds, or actions and words that, for the moment burn, hurt, or bring such an unknown that would make it seem that all is for nothing, even then, if one is open, will find that what drew you into that person first, is still at work, protecting and nurturing the both of you, in this adventure, called Life.

Let life happen. Let Love, work its magick!

~ Communion ~

Part II

(To the totality of experience and Love)



Muse –

in the morning


The air is thick and heavy

With a heady mix of jasmine and musk

Deep in the darkness of middle-night

Upon your face….I see a Light!

Time has no place

The past is [now] the future

And all are present –

When you are deep within me.

I open…I reach…I crave

From cradle to [the] grave

Shadows have little form

But against your skin, gives it shape!

Definition, clarity…lines

I follow and trace the sculpture of

Your body white sublime –

Your Heart and Mine!

Muse –

in the evening


Now, the twilight

What shall I do?

With thoughts me…

Loving upon you?

Waking dream or reality

Beauty is beauty

Or so it seems –

I find my arms embracing your back

There is little that this magick does lack!


Believe, beauty, become

With words or in silence

We are One…we are One!


~ Finis ~

Fire and Flood…




[1] Communion – Part 1. FLS