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Of Mountains and The Moon:

The Movie




The Epic Poetry and tales of love and light, is being crafted to be presented on the ‘silver screen’. This will be a Movie of Love, power,desire, Magick, sensuality, ‘that long journey’, and the power of Hero and Heroine, in a day long forgotten, yet coming back to the call of the spirit of our time…Here, Now, and All Ways.

Author and Screenwriter, Frank L. DeSilva, is heading for the Post-production of his screenplay, “Of Mountains and The Moon,” and we most certainly wish him and his Team the best of luck on this project.

He is using the crowd-funding service, Indiegogo

His funding page is Here: Of Mountains and The Moon

For anyone loving creativity and development of that creativity, a hearty GO FUND young man and woman, and let’s see some healthy, vibrant, sensual, spiritual, and action-packed filming for a change – a Change in the way we see each other, our lover, our mate, our world.

Harvest Muse