A Tale of Love…

Peace, Love and Patchouli

I see you out there
I want to come too
but it’s raining outside
and I might just get wet.
I will swim in the pond,
diving with glee
then walk by you with a shake
like a blessing from the pope,
you like to share
I can see it in your eyes
why are you running away?
I want to go out
can I go out to play
I see the other dog out there
and she seems ok.
Just open the door
let me run like I’m free
there’s things out there waiting
just for me to chase up a tree.
Oh look, you’re listening I see
the door opened up for old me
I take a step forward
then turn back around,
no I don’t want to go out
with all of that rain falling down.
I might muss my coat
or get your fresh carpet dirty

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