Heart Shaped Eyes


The old woman sits alone on her porch.

Her breathing flows slowly  in contrast

to the quickening around her.

Intuiting the arrival,

she cocks her head to one side,

her spine begins to stiffen as

she closes her ancient eyes to listen deeply

to the voices of nature divas.

They urge her from behind the growing shadows,

” Now. it is time…move “.

But she already knows

she has felt the stirring

build for some days now as if it were part of her.

the visions have confirmed it

She has watched as the aspects have fallen in to place, one by one.

Rest-weary and worn,

she  glances across sun-dried fields toward the old barn

her knees tremble as she begins to rise, haphazardly.

The alter awaits her. It has been prepared for some time, now.

Above her,  a tell-tale aura  forms around

the lush, impregnated moon.

Crimson ribbons of…

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