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~ Communion ~

Part I

All said and done, the Journey continues.

The Muse and I have continued to pass on and through many obstacles. The Muse said something to me once, in response to a question that I presented Her, in the hopes of realizing, in my mind, a certain finality, something more concrete, than She was predisposed to deliver; Her answer was telling: “I am still here.”

This has been the way of it.

I, for my part, am still going through much; as much with Her, as with a whole Life, changing and evolving. She, as well, continues to develop and present a certain stability between us – the fires still rage in deep recesses of our own natures, our own Spirits.

The Magick, which was so tangible, has changed. It takes two to maintain this awareness of the magickal, and it is more than a idea, or simple acknowledgement, it is, and ever will be, the doing, the early morning walks and talks, the togetherness, which encourages and promotes magick. The mundane world is ever-willing and able, at a moments notice, to infiltrate and modify the magick. It is, in large part, a matter of priorities between Lover’s, which proves the intent and intensity of the type of love one, or both, wish to maintain and develop further.


In anticipation of the next Work, let me leave you, the reader, with a little something that will, hopefully, take you into the future, a small glimpse into the possibilities of this devotion between the Muse and I.

Below, is a missive, in the midst of opportunities grasped and missed; it is a glimpse into the continuing journey of Love and Light.


~ Communion ~

Part I

(To the struggle of love and intention)




(In the Morning Twilight)

No poem inspired

No love-song sweet

No sonnet from your Heart

No words to speak?

Nothing to say…I feel it anyway!


(Time…it passes)


The full moon alight

Alone in the night

The Music sweet –

Only a single heartbeat.

Confusion reigns supreme

When love is split between

Words lose their meaning –

Or pass swiftly leaving.

In the calm of night

The Moon so bright

Thoughts and songs of you

Come unbidden.

Wrapped between my dreams and


Are the moments of goodbye and


My dreams tonight

Are filled with light

A stone to keep me company –

Steady and warm a votive sacred!

Where is its Heart?

Feel it all ways…anyway

Feel it all ways –



~ Finis ~


Of Magick, Masks, and Masquerades…