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~ Dreaming of Love and Light ~

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These two Works were in relation to the various discussions and impressions that the Muse and I, shared on occasion – the time periods interspersed between these, as well as most of the other Works, could be weeks, so the import of these items, having been carried, in the first case (Dreaming), by the Muse, and not fully understanding the import of dreams and their implications, resonating with the subconscious, was deep fodder for the Muse and slowly, a deeper world began to make itself known to Her.

The allegory in this presentation, is the burgeoning realization, that many dark and fearful places were beginning to be undone, even as the refrain of the first missive inferred. The weight of realization and imagination, coupled with duty and responsibility were, for the Muse, a realization that, perhaps, might shatter Her own world, yet exciting and sensual, the life presented to Her, restricted in so many ways.

Eros, forgotten with time, had snuck into her bedchamber, and his arrow finding its mark, sending Her his joyous intentions, and reminding Her of that balance embracing a part She had put away.

The other (Of Love and Light), was a response which, hopefully, would aid in the Muse finding strength, firstly, by trusting Her own feelings and, secondly, by forging ahead – and this latter was my gift to send Her on her way,  a dark path, illuminated, in large part, by Her strength of will – but even a Muse, needs Love and positive intentions. In doing so, the probability was very high, that this would send her on her own way; only I, alone, would remain.



~ Dreaming ~

(To the process of self-actualization)


You said you had dreamt

Of me

The nakedness and hardness

In the darkness of your mind.

A rising in your blood

A stream before a flood

No dam to control it –

The valley begins to fill.

Living in your head

Can cause a certain view

I told you Eyes can talk –

But that thoughts were better said.

Eros is there, deep within your head

Not used to it, I know

Better to ask the questions

The answers make you grow.

I dreamed of you as well

Your dress an orange hue

Red, also, there was –

As you danced, naked in the Sun.

Falling down and laughing, as lovers often do

On your back reclining

Your hair brilliant in the sunlight

Shines askew, across your brow…

Your hands begin to pull

So slightly it seems;

Yet your sex so fully exposed –

That tantalizing dance of spring.

Your smile, so comely and sincere

The twinkle in your eyes

Your sex so full of me – a warm sunrise

And the closing of your eyes.

~ Finis ~