Rik Silfies-Potter

Circle3Witches and other magickal practitioners do much of their work in what is called the “magick circle”. This is where spells are cast, rituals are performed, magickal tools are consecrated, and meditation and other introspective techniques can all be practiced. I use the magick circle for these purposes, and nearly everything else from personal tarot readings to Reiki treatments. By casting the circle, you are creating sacred space, a “world between worlds”. It is a space that not only contains and amplifies the energy you raise within it, it also serves as a barrier to deflect any energies that may be harmful. It is a place where the creative forces of the Universe gather with you to make magick. The circle is a microcosm of the Universe, and perfectly illustrates the concept “As Above, So Below”. Whatever is created in the circle (Below) will eventually manifest in the visible world…

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