the existential astrologer


She holds her ground with determination. Her beauty and magnetism are drawn from a radiant confidence and warm generosity.
Her passion and creativity are expansive, compelling and leap up like tongues of flame. Her fires are fuelled by any of her favorite things – kisses, passion, arguments, warm connection…friendship, art and joy.

Headstrong and impassioned she resists through the steady burn, laughing and eyes flashing. Unapologetically sensual and bold she is armed with a flaming brand to scourge would be opponents. She can savagely defend herself but prefers to retreat to superior ground and scorn the presumption from above.

A tendency to dominate through excess of passion and impetuosity combined with a sense of empirical prerogative. If she doesn’t have a throne (however she defines that) she is not happy until she has established herself in a position of authority.

Warm hearted and generous often to a fault she is…

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