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~ Crystal And Stone ~


There were moments, before and after the missive above, that in the interim, the Muse and I experienced beautiful and passionate abandon, the type that was spontaneous, vigorous, and sensual. The sexual magick between us was, to say the least, what true lovers, experience. The heat, the honesty, the intimacy are of the utmost sincerity in moments like this, and the intentions are more than support, they are the elixir of union.

Many days would pass, and the Muse would remain apart, partly for her own reasons, and partly circumstantial. I was learning patience. This was a process that, in many respects, I was on familiar ground. This time in my life, however, was to test me severely. The wanting to aid the Muse, and being rebuffed for many a logical reason, made the time away, that much more difficult.

The early days of magick, or random occurrence, would almost always bring us together, unannounced, synchronistically bringing us exactly what we both needed: each other. These moments were also tinged with tender moments of individuality, when either Her or I, would visit those special places that we jealously guarded, and in that particular place, still throbbing with the attention we gave to each other, would leave a small token – something that the Muse and I did, without planning, for each other, from the very beginning.

Such was a moment for me. A gift from the Muse, one to encourage, support, and remind me, that She remained, for me.


~ Crystal and Stone ~

(To the balance of gifting and intention)

A story was sung of Crystal and


Leaves on the ground and mist in the

Air .

The fire of passion old

Cooled by the ground below

Water in the pores of my skin

Droplets falling, shining in the Sun.

Your voice more than a memory

For now – all that remains

Intentions more than memory or words

Crystal and Stone, a delicate reminder.

The movement of time, your hand in mine

Memory, feelings, fuller by degree –

Darkened night, your flesh so sweet

A bed of renewal and change.

How gently you lay upon that bed of


Your breath so slow, your age descending

The Sun over ridge and valley peeking.

Crystal and Stone, a balance it seems

Black for Night, clear for Day

Delicate your emotions, even so your soul

My fire is always fed by your water.

Crystal and Stone, a story more than words can


How deep the Well?

At times there is no way to tell

(How deep you truly are!).

Crystal and Stone, in the morning light

You do not truly know how that makes me

Feel –

But you will.


~ Finis ~