Only Here for a Spell

cover for Gentlemen Prefer Blondes E  BergeyBeauty. Physical beauty. It’s complicated. Every woman wants it. Every woman wants it because, particularly when we are young, we think that it is probably only our physical beauty which will attract boys. And more often than not, unfortunately, we are correct. Much has been written by people who certainly know a great deal more than I do in the fields of sociology and psychology about what are the physical attributes of women men are attracted to (and what are the looks of men who get more attention from women). So, I am not going to write about that specifically; I am going to write about my experience particularly.

The geographic area and culture in which I grew up (Texas), not to mention the era (the 50’s and 60’s), was one in which it was not considered attractive for girls or women to be vain or to be prideful about…

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