Bewitched Cauldron


Today in the name of bhakti we do so many rituals and rites but do we really get peace within or do we get real satisfaction?
Definitely Not!
Bhakti is connecting your ‘self’ with the divine, Who is supreme, Who has no name, no body, no shape, no colour but only, Light ,peace and harmony. Who is omnipresent, Not in the heaven or Hell but who resides within and all around. If you believe in his existence, then he is every where, but if you do not believe you cannot feel his existence. God is not a subject to believe or not, But to understand and to know. Today we are trapped in the religious rites and are dependent on them. We think if we do not do those rites and rituals then God will Punish us.
My question is that, Is God really so Cruel that he will punish…

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