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Saturday June 21st in the Southern Hemisphere is Winter Solstice/Yule and I will be cooking a feast to share with friends. I wish everyone in the Southern Hemisphere a wonderful cosy winter’s day. Blessed Be!



Yule is a time when the waxing sun overcomes the waning sun. The Holly King, which represents the death aspect of God, is overcome by the Oak King who represents the rebirth of the God. It is the time when you conclude the chapter of your life for the year and prepare for the rebirth of the New Year’s lessons and opportunities.

Celebrations vary from tradition to tradition, but there are some similarities that most people will probably recognise.

The festival is associated with fire, and the Yule log. The fire is the tool that returns all to its beginnings, “ashes to ashes”. And prepares the soul for rebirth, the “rise of the Phoenix…

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