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When we consider the interface between magic, the visual arts and publishing nobody does it better that Fulgar Esoterica. Tenacious as Frater Perdurabo himself, since 1992 this small team has been working deligently away, bringing great esoteric art to wider audiences. Publications such as Zos Speaks! were instrumental in bringing the name of Austin Spare back into the mainstream artistic cannon without playing down the occultism of his work.

I and Myself in Yoga by Austin Spare I & Myself in Yoga Austin Osman Spare

Recent ventures have included the outstanding Abraxas journal which, far from being the same old waffle about goetic spirits and spooky sigils, instead showcases some of the great occultist/artist practioners from the past and present. If you’re connected with the contemporary ‘occult scene’ in Britain it’s really refreshing to pick up a copy of Abraxas and discover a whole host of practioners who are of the ‘artist magician’ variety (and not a roll-call…

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