Awakening Journey

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Kundalini energy is a dormant sexual energy resting in the sacrum area of our spine. Kundalini energy resides dormant in everyone, and can rise in anyone as well.  What happens when Kundalini energy rises when you are young without knowledge or defenses to cope with it?  The rise of Kundalini energy may appear as a psychotic break, mental illness, or physical illness as described by many Kundalini active individuals.

When Kundalini energy rises when we are young, this can be very traumatic and difficult situation as Kundalini energy is sexual energy. When this sexual energy rises, it may attract those who feel attracted to sexual energy such as sexual predators and offenders.  Those who are Kundalini active suffer from abuse and trauma just like everyone else, and that trauma is then intensified as Kundalini energy intensified our emotional problems and mental conditions.

It is not unlikely that those who are…

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