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To the passion and fire of Consummation…10003922_10152335054604341_1316432853_n


These wayward paths of separation

Are not gateways to desolation

Compared to what we share in our Hearts;

We possess the keys that perfectly fit.

Love is great. Love is good;

Our love is greater than any force

Existing on the face of the earth;

For we carry in our hearts the beat,

The essence, of those blessings which were

Sent by the gods, to bind our spirit

Until Forever arrives.

Oh…most beloved, twain folds enrapt’d,

How can I describe unto your Hearts

And Souls what mine whispers of you

In its Solitude, anticipating its consummation –

The nights of fragile longing my heart endures

Without the presence I have grown accustomed to;

It is as if I will break in two.

Comfort yourselves in these words

And wrap yourselves around them,

For they shall sustain you in the moments

Of your Aloneness, soft and firm

In its Strength:

The third part of the Both of you

Remember that in each and every day

I think about your comeliness; the way

Your Silken hair waves fondly in the wind,

Reminding me of rustling leaves entwined

In that subtle dance of Spring.

A crystal clear Lake, the whipping foam

Of a thrusting creek, a pattern of

Coloured hues of pink, brown, and blue

Captivates my senses, my passion, of the

Two of you.


The twists and turns of Life’s living Fate

Is seen in the arms of your embrace…calling

Me afar throughout all of time and space:

Until Forever arrives…


~ Finis ~

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