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~ The Making of All Souls ~



 All Soul's

What harkens in the night

Amidst that murky twilight

Waiting to be seen –

Is it night or is it Light?

Of that line behind us

Both to sadness and to joy

Given to every girl and boy –

Once a year it comes to us.

Of that time and space

Masks upon your face

A little silk and lace –

Each a votive to the Grace.

Comes now that hoary night

Moon so full and bright

Together and alone –

We dance naked in light.

The Grove we share and speak

Of many splendid things

The emerald ground

Reaches up to caress our needs.

Overhead does She ever wander

That Goddess of silvery light

Bathes us in her twilight –

Your body next to mine.

We speak of things too be

Of chaos and dread

Sometimes my, love –

You wish it all would end.

We speak of blood that has


The spirits and the veil –

Will they come…who can tell?

On moments like these

Your passion does not wane

Your fire and flood –

But tokens of your Blood.

In the light your eyes are gleaming

The smile upon your face

Gives that solace and perfection –

That comely sate of grace.

Once again, you feel the tug

Of time and space

It is written on your face –

Stay with me my love, forget your haste.

In this moonlight hour

A stew you have prepared

You duty to the one –

Comes to this, our passions flower.

The magick in the air

You hold my heartbeat in your


As you smile and hold me tighter still.

The Goddess upon you smiles

Upon us she tarries still

In the power of your flesh and mind –

I gladly give you mine.

In those eyes of emerald-green

I softest sparkle there

Awaiting that moment of tenderness

Which upon my lips caress.

To bid adieu

Is more than I can do

But as you depart my love –

You will stay with me and I with you.




~ Finis ~

Fire and Flood…