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~ That Long Journey ~




Sacred Well

The road goes ever on and on

Or is that a passing dream

The mountains, valleys paths –

But chance in a larger Sea?

Open I am, to all that is

The shadow and the light

Betwixt the earth and sky

I rally for the sight.


I see the road ahead

The sun passes into red

A way-sign for the seeing eye –

No path I will not tread.

The signs they come

I have tried to make you see

Meandering paths, irregular they seem –

Your compass unlike mine, moves uncertainly.

A temple built with mortar and mind

May withstand the fire and wind

But a Keep is strong

Only if it is strong within.

That long journey, driven every day

By forces unseen

On that path it comes

That path, which leads to you and me.

The Sun it rises, upon a silken bed

Your auburn hair in reds and gold

Dancing in the light –

The emerald of your eyes, ever shinning bright.

Is this the journey’s end

On thorns I have bled?

In the distance, on another shore

Has the journey taken or given back a friend?

It has been said, that once begun

A journey must be done

No matter the weather or storm –

What of now, my love, that long journey

Comes again to me.



~ Finis ~

Fire and Flood: Book 4