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~ Passion and Obsession ~

(To that Power which attracts)



 Neck tease

What is the Power which attracts

That feeling that always gives back

That fire deep within one’s heart

Never knowing when it starts?

It seems to come to some

Fast or slow it seems

That feeling of possession

That knowing of obsession!

Is it the momentary pain

Or that slow and ever-present pain

That builds within your body –

Or is that your Soul?

The weight of the world upon you

Those flashes of all or nothing

Your life hangs in the balance

Yet you said it softly:

“That power of obsession and possession!”

What has changed, that heartless tale

That clear and icy demarcation

To that golden-shade of green

That deep and flowing well-spring?

No, you said, to our bed

The fear

and uncertainty

That ever-present dread –

Living and dying in your Head!

To be controlled

As well as dictate

That itch within you calling

But more than that, your senses demanding.

The day passes into night

Still your suffering and fright

Your bait is not now taken –

Soon the morning light.

What was it that you dreamed

Amidst the twilight serendipity

And when you woke –

What faces did you see?

In your heart it grows

That conversation for two

Of pleasure and pain

That giving till the grave.

Your eyes wide shut

As you see the delicate

Darkness come –

My hands upon you feel…Oh! That bond of love!



~ Finis ~