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~ Hands ~

(To the Magick, tenderness, and intentions of Touch)




The first night you came to meHands

After your Emerald Sea

It was that delicate flesh

That first I did see.

Hands in mine, your hands


The texture of satin and lace

The strength of a woman’s grace.


Those hands in which that

Child does lay

Those hands that

Raise a Man too be.

Hands, like the sister of every man

The character and poise

Of age and reflection

Like a Grandmother’s protective intentions.

Hands, like a living Song

The life it ever shows

The music that they sing

To me, like a chorus brings.

Hands, gently and soft

Like a loving Lover’s breath

When around me you press –

Your hands in mine carress.

Hands, like  Mother’s touch

Bringing an end to pain

Over my heart your cover –

 Those hands of an earthen rush.

Your hands, my love

The serenity of a dove

No flight or fancy then –

When together, our fingers entwine.

Hands, when sorrow or pain


Side by side with doubt –

Just your passing touch, sends it quickly away.

Ah! To hands that make amends

Those hands that make a friend

Hands that make my liquid flow –

Those hands to me attend.

Your hands, my love

What a wondrous thing


On hands of magick that you bring.

Remember, lass, what often I have said

That to walk and talk

On that morning path

Was simply to walk with you

~ Hand in Hand ~


~ Finis ~

Poems of Love and Light:

Of Magick, Masks, and Masquerades