Poems of Love and Light: (vol. 3)

~ Of Magick, Masks, and Masquerades ~

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Of Magick, Masks, and Masquerades

Of Magick, Masks, and Masquerades


 Poems of Love and Light:

~ Of Magick, Masks, and Masquerades ~

Of Magick, Masks, and Masquerades, is a continuation of Poems of Love and Light, a continuing journey, a recurring motif, between the Muse, and that great Theme of Love.

It is between Life and Twilight; between beauty and pain.

The ‘theme’ may be the same, but the pathways traveled, have taken several turns; some to enlightenment, and some to chaos.

The Passion and Obsession between two lovers, between two people, is as necessary as the breath of Life, itself. The great ‘theme’ would not exist without it.

The excitement, and understanding between these two people, is not without the elements of fear, naiveté,  conflicts, trust and acceptance; all these elements are Masks, little walls, by which individuals, caught within ‘moments in time’, enter into a Masquerade, first, between their own fears and lack of self-knowledge then, secondly, between the other player, that person who, in this case, sees deeper into himself, is more natural with the masks He brings, not fully understanding the interplay between Her ‘rite of passage’, and his own creations.

This is the continuing epic journey, between two individuals, plumbing the depths of their emotions, sensuality, Magick, Eros, spirituality and partnership.

This Story is about change and transcendence.

This Story is about the balance of Love and Light…with just a touch of Grey.