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~ Journey and The Dance ~

(To the Magick of Life and Her Dance)




A journey through life it seems

Is brought to you and me

In the earthly morning light

You quickly come to me.

The plans of yesteryear

Has brought us near

Preparations made to share

What life has to bare.

Storm clouds in the distance

Bring uncertainty

Your eyes are straight –

As you pass through the gate.

Your brow shines bright as the sun

Time ticks by…tick

Have to be on time

Knowing that you are fine.


The moment passes

I call out to you

Soon a place is set for two –

That would be me and you.

A place of memory and


Once again, your decision…

Not said with derision.

Familiar the place appears

The earth, the trees

It all comes back to me –

Ah! The memory and the magick!

Our business done, we sit and talk

Sown the path we walk

We sit astride each other

On a common table-top.

The draw I used to feel

Has been taken on by you

My Love

I feel your coming zeal.

Concerned about one so dear

You state your case sincere

We talk about a few more things

Then fall again to romance.

Gently your legs are parted

My hands upon you feel

The tired tension of the day

Wants to fade away.

Into my eyes you stare and search

Not that very deep

But soon your emerald eyes

Show the light, into amber gold they turn.

Upon your throat and chest

A violet hue descends

From that table-top you move

On the ground you rest.

“Stand here,” you said

“Please do not move,”

Around and around, you begin to turn

Once, twice, thrice you encircle – I begin to burn.

The clock turns, and so do you

Each point the compass stops

Earth, air, fire and water

To that guiding Star, your magick true.

Your face a deepened hue of red

That look of desire for my bed

More it seems

As you bind me in my head.

The circle that stands against itself

The other way you turn

That binding invocation

No fear or dread.

You speak of deepness and


Yet on you face an understanding

You see my true reflection.

As I watch, your presence seems

To grow in stature and power

Your hair shines in the sun

Your hunger about to shower.

Do you see your beacon-pole

I wonder

Your binding ritual a powerful spell

From another time, you know it well.

This seems to be the way with

Your and I

Inspiration yet to be seen

Like a memory seen, your rapture keen.

Of course this an ancient dance

A ritual deep and profound

The Goddess in you comes alive

When all your walls are down.

Your flow increases without halting

Your milk and honey I am wanting

Even now I taste and smell your scent

Your prisoner of intent.

This the dance you have craved

To move and flow in time

So around me turn and turn

Never let me go.

When your legs do not support

That weakness in your knees

A symptom of desire and passion

The spirit envelops by another name.

You bring my heat by day

Longing for the night

As the sun begins to rise

We talk of many things.

The veil between us begins to rend

What is it that we will find then

The canopy of life is spread around

Your shoulders of delicate white

(Around your life sublime).

Life anew you feel

Your passion coming true

Your inspiration adorns your intentions

My fire you embrace.

Often I sit and ponder

The world and all its wonder

How we ever met –

So much future yet.

Your comely eyes well set

The spirit that your bring

How true it is for me

When like and ancient Bard, you Sing!

To love you is of a different sort

Heat rising and falling

Like a river over-flowing –

Not to reason my love, but simply in the knowing.

Your songs of life and passion

In your arms I gladly stay

The magick that you bring –

Our greatest Harmony.

In the light rejoice

Tis a mighty thing we bring

Dance with me tonight, and with it

That ever-living Twilight!

Bind me with those bonds of love

Make my juices flow

Gently bring your lips to me

In your arms to ever know.

If magick I possess

The passion of desire

Then what you bring is burning fire –

Together then, does fire rage even higher!



~ Finis ~