This was a beautiful presentation; as well as concise.

the existential astrologer

ARIES4-St-John-the-Baptist-Youth-with-Ram-human-body-Baroque-CaravaggioMars has gone direct after a grindingly long 2 and half months retrograde in Libra (review it here and here).  Running head on at the goal is not possible when Mars is retrograde. We get there instead through tactical manoeuvres – sometimes the best approach when things won’t shift is to wait and prepare in the meantime.

Mars is never comfortable in Libra – it opposes the sign of Aries, his kingdom. Mars/Aries is the power of self, decisiveness and action. Libra is all about the other, gentleness, considered decisions and harmony. When Mars is in Libra he is the bloodied warrior playing peacemaker; he has to think carefully, act tactfully and consider others if anything is to get done. He becomes the General who considers the limitation of the law and the relationships affecting the situation and then acts – his victory is bloodless (or almost).

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