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~ The Sacred Temple of Desire ~

(To the essence of fruition and vision – that great Theme)


Sacred temple 3

Block by block, brick by brick

Is a Temple built

The hands which to mortar bind

Foundations built from the mind.

Day by day, smile by smile

Hand in hand, pass the miles

Each to the other, a place in time

Closer my Love, your hand in mine.

I am drawn to the pain

In your arms embraced

The bricks are set, one at a time –

The shape of intentions, a beautiful rhyme.

Not all that is intended comes to pass

But the moment when it comes

Is what was sent, given from above –

A Temple built by hands unseen.

(You stand naked in the Sun
The night before it begun)


Of all the nights, I wanted you there

Amongst the thoughts and ideas

Relaxing your fears –

On air I floated, so happy to be near.

Of that Temple, the heart to share

Is what deeply matters to this heart

To this Soul –

Hand in hand we passed.

Building as we will, the Temple it


Through the door of Life we enter –

Together we begin.

Upon your hand a device

A bond you wish to embrace

A bond not acknowledged –

Through you I see!

One cannot serve two masters –

Sacredness of desire and intentions

Their own temple true…

The door unlocked, you walk through.

The fire in me burns deep

The lightning in my eyes begins to


Near you I cannot remain!

Fly, fly away, my spirit

And too me return

Without a double mind

Clear intentions true.

You look as though all is well

Making your path alone

Your hand in mine, just seconds before –

Brick by brick, you break down the door!

It is hard to keep the fire from


The Temple black with soot –

What is the cause, and what is the root?

Be clear my Love

To yourself be true

Do not fear to tread the path –

Of chaos and dread!

Each brick a part of the whole

Now pieces laying on the ground

Amidst locks, rusty and cold

Hanging upon your door.

For days (Six in fact) you have

Showed your bond

Yes, even after your marks –

Submission still glowed red!

To submit and relent you vowed

Bound you would be

True it was

As you came to me!

On this night, as we pass beneath the


A full moon rising above –

That dichotomy of pain and love.


Excerpt from Volume 3: Poems of Love and Light: Of Magick, Masks, and Masquerades