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2012: What's the 'real' truth?

raven From Wise Owl Raven

Full Moon Phase: enlightenment

Moon in Sagittarius

Ruling Mahavidya: Bhuvaneshvari (The World Nurse), Tara (The Rescuer)

Skill: bring your life in balance

Negative Imprint: pomposity, demands, noise

Positive Imprint: justice, reveling in the magic of nature

This has been quite a Full Moon phase!  We have today and tomorrow remaining in the phase, so the energy of the “Flower Full Moon” is still riding high.

The primary theme of today’s energy involves people wanting (demanding?) to be heard and dramatically stating their case.  The desire for justice is strong.  It may get noisy!  Some may resort to aggressively pressing their beliefs.  Some may feel misunderstood or maligned.  Some may face resistance if they are trying to change things up.  Be wise about what, when, and where you reveal something, and make sure you are holding the highest intentions.  People will respond best to what they feel…

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