~ The Agony and The Ecstasy ~

(To the agony and ecstasy of romance and desire)




Sheltered in our embraceAgony and Ecstasy

The quickening of realization

Decisions to be made –

You doubt yourself, naked and afraid.

Feelling a draw of time across

That silky brow

I am afraid my fire was to intense

(for you) –

Through you, a wound it rends.


Alone with your thoughts

A Dinner for two

A sea of emotion –

Too deep it seems for you!

We speak and I am resigned

To mark myself true

Holding the damage in check –

Even then, you come to me.

Your passions coming readily

That hunger deep within

A rush upon me comes –

I move you to the Tree.

A canopy of fresh green leaves

That magick all around

You see my passion in your hand –

Your rhythm moves with mine.

Your mien of deepest desire but


Your breath a  labor ready –

Slowly you fall to the floor.

A gift of the greasted quality

More thtn Eros to me

Your trembling hands upon my thighs –

Your head between my knees.

Your hair upon my feet

The kisses you bestow

Your sensual and emotive worship –

To me you freely give.

My hardness points ever to the


You see my heart-beat moving –

The magick all around.

Your hands tremble and shake

Your eyes, they are aglow

And in the breathing labor –

Two lungs in one.

You are numbed and drained

Overwhelmed cannot describe

But soon an Altar you make –

Simple devotion to emotion.

The darkness of your Heart

(I said I would stand with you0

Shrieks amid fear and the unknown –

The echoes of your Heart.

Can you save yourself

That darkness all around?

Will you extend your hand –

And willing share a common ground?

Will this Agony and Ecstasy

For you and me entwine

In the moment and the ‘morrow –

With me share, like a goblet full of wine?

Will you my lover be

And more

Will you trust in me my love –

As you embrace the agony and the ecstasy?

I can still feel your hair and breath

Upon my feet

That deepest look in your eyes –

For me, the bliss of agony, and of ecstasy!


~ Finis ~