Interesting. We will see what the third phase of this Moon brings.

the existential astrologer

wpid-europa.jpegToday the Sun and Moon align in the sign of Strength and Stability, Taurus.
We are in the midst of a partial Solar Eclipse – an intensely powerful New Moon Phase.
It is time to hold your ground, secure in your values, sure of your foundation.
Present in your physical body find the pleasure & safety in the purely physical experience.

This is the 2nd eclipse in 14 days, on April 15th we had the Lunar Eclipse in Libra, and now with the aftermath phase of the last eclipse barely done it’s straight into the next. Eclipse effects are most intense in the week prior and the week following the astronomical event. (The week prior is the lead-up phase, the one after is aftermath/synthesis. Eclipse effects continue until the next Solar or Lunar eclipse moves us onto the next phase.)

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