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~ Sun Above…Moon Below ~

(To the celebration of Birth and Life)


Sun above, Moon belowImage

The time between us so slow

The messages we deliver not always

What they seem.

Everything you brought today

Was a message intended for me

With sincere intentions

I simply cannot always see.

Your radiant face set aglow

The Sun is setting his golden-haired smile

Deeply rich, upon you

(A new view, not the old)

Is that what you wanted to say to me?

Life is so beautiful

I think I am drawn to the pain

(At least that is what I used to say)

It is not the pain you show

But the beauty that you bring.

True character comes when we

Least expect it

Do we Dam or do we Flow –

When the terror sets in?

Do not let the fear possess

Let it pass through

Embrace the dark reality

Let the Sun through you, Shine!

Your staff to hold you up2014-04-15T074536Z_1870518708_GM1EA4F17K801_RTRMADP_3_ARGENTINA-ECLIPSE

It breaks under the weight

Of happiness and pain

Hold on, my dear, eyes level and straight.

Fear made you run

It is not always fair

Even in the light of the Sun

You can feel undone.

The truth does not come and go

But remains even through change

Even as we parted

(Soft your embrace)

Though heavy in my arms you remain.

Be strong, mon Amour!

Strong in our embrace

Let the mountains shake and fail

Together, the magick weaves its spell.



~ Finis ~