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~ Bound ~

(To that pleasure and pain, to the binding of souls) 

Together and aloneBound

Early morning rendezvous

The mist upon the ground –

In a field you stand alone.

The tender morning embraces

Your anticipation

The early morning twilight

A split between the veil.


The oaken groves protect

Your form

As you quietly slip

Behind a limb and stone.

In the distance, footsteps approach

Your place of protection abiding

The form of one you know approaches

Leaves breaking gently underfoot.

Your heart leaps with song

A sense of wonder coming

As a earthen bed is drawn –

Tender is the work of Dawn.

Your body flushes with heat

As you watch from afar

The sight you see becoming keen

As intentions make themselves clear.

A rod of deepest hue you see

Its form taking your breath away

A pulse begins deep within your flesh

Quickening, your urges take you in.

Approaching like a lioness

I hear your footsteps coming near

From behind the briars and timber

Your form from the mist appears.

That deep, deep look of desire

A look of fear and


Soon to me appear.

A touch of your hair and face

Soon upon my hands

Directing you to that earthen bed

Gently setting you upon your knees.

The question upon your lips

Like your Honey it drips

To a bonding you have come

A staff and rod are master now.

Your anticipation brings that

Flow I have come to know

Bound, your hands are tied

And from them I receive that rod of darkened hue.

Soon upon you that sting of desire

Your body trembling, wanting more

My mark upon you reddening

Under the burgeoning sky.

Your chest, crimson with desire

Your lips red as any fire –

Binding you, I say the words

To relent and submit, you agree.

Magick is in the air

We feel it everywhere

The serpents are alive, but in this realm

It is the flesh we fee.

Bound, your hands around me


Together, the pleasure and the pain –

Neither sacred nor profane.

Your breath moves within me

And silvery chains


My pulse in your hands breaks free.

To that valley of desire you place


Intoxicating my flowing river –

You embrace that pulsing Life.

The milk and honey flows

Your breath is harder now

The pain upon your breast –

A heat that gives no rest.

Upon your hands you rest

The wind across your skin

To me you have submitted –

Three marks to prove the deed.

The Goddess knows and smiles

She understands the quest

More she saw, and wonders not –

How it came to pass.

She knows that this is part

Of that greatest ecstasy

Empowered she is –

And to submit, her greatest power be.

To the call and command

She has relented

To submit has cleared the way

For passion unleashed, nothing in-between.

Soon, together they join, hand in hand

Spirit to spirit, core to core

The fire within cannot be contained –

She watches as I rain.

Upon her flesh she feels it pouring

My river running

That pearl of desire immersed in

Flowing liquid heat.

Bound to each other, eternity calls


The echoes of words and symbols

Upon us enchained.

Unleashed, she senses power

Wanting it so much more

She wears the marks

As the leopard wears his spots.

~ Finis ~

(From the  upcoming: Poems of love and light,

Of Magick, Masks, and Masquerades – vol 3)