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~ Life Calls to Us ~

 (To the moments we share, to the pain we bear)

Life calls to us you saidtumblr_m6dxislktj1r1g6xio1_1280

Then adieu

As your Love Song spoke of being


In the twilight and in dreams

What, exactly

Does that mean –

Your thoughts, cloudy and unseen.

Emotion invades

Yet evades

You  –

What is in your mind.

How many other moments in time

Have ended this way

Harmless at first

You find temporary reprieve.

Evocative romance

Gone with a glance

Too deep for you –

It must be all part of a game.

Your repartee and wit

Your sex a pleasant draw

You revel in the attention –

Yet healing is what you want to do?

Dancing in the crowd

Your form enchants

Your hips a swivel and thrust –

Decline your Muse you must?

Like skipping stones

Ripples never stop

And wishing that the day would end

The game you play…it never ends.

You bristle at the thought

Was it all for naught

That passion play of dark and light

That sharing of earth and sky?

It is seen that you have been given


That you travel a path you think is right

A middle ground of sorrow, not delight.

Patient and kind

That is what you said to me

Honorable and respectful

But that is not only what has been given you.

Your sense of comfort

A coward’s veil you draw –

Into this den

I refuse to tread.

Run, as rabbits often do

Fear their compass true

One may survive

But the cost is happiness and soul.

Compromise and lies

That is not the lioness

I once knew –

Was that why you sang adieu?

Your very first love song

A collaboration of sacred firsts

In me, a mighty thirst

Yet separation even then was your intent.

Until we meet again you said

“I shall be true”

Rings hollow in both the darkness

And the light.

One can not take on the pain

Excluding those you love

And reaching for a balance

Lose that abiding Love.

The altar you built

Given back to you

A single stone for new beginnings

Destroyed with your quixotic intentions.

Your story will go ever on

Its pages written by your intentions

Fear and trepidation

Nostalgia will bring only pain.

Love you I do

My passion never dimmed

Hard it is

To carry on, as Damocles you embrace.

Telling me to suspend my source

Was a coward’s way to depart

Asking me my feelings about the dance

Was like spitting on romance.

If you choose a life without romance

Sending your cloistered sensuality


Then reap what you have sown.

You know my source and intentions

Silence is what makes you cruel

The fuel of disaster

Has been lit by your inaction.

Cycles come and go

This is part of Nature’s show

What will be, will be

There is no need to go.

Every day I see the emerald green

Of that smile and that nose

Your sense, it fills me

The passion, it has not begun to slow.

Remember when Life calls

It is not adieu

But the lesson of romance

That beautiful and painful dance.



~ Finis ~