The Sun is light and warmth. It is the life-giver, the fertiliser and sustainer which nourishes and strengthens all. Symbolically linked to the male principle, it is the active force which generates existence and fosters growth – the point within the darkness, where energies stir, develop and expand.

As day follows night, the light of the Sun reveals that which was hidden by darkness, affording us clarity, perspective – and awareness of the Truth, that elusive path, free of petty concerns and transitory pitfalls. The Sun affirms what we know at heart, condemns the doubts (left to lurk amid the shadows) and reasserts our course.

The Sun is thus the deliverer of genuine, higher perception, bearer of the divine spark that issues from a profound, creative source. It speaks to the kernel of divinity within us, uniting us with that source and offering us knowledge and insight beyond our mortal…

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