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~Embrace ~

He woke to a terrible noise – a weeping and gnashing of teeth, of pain and conflict and, certainly, aWoman Natural sundering of a spirit, was taking place. He was quickly on his feet, looking and listening for the direction of the agony and, moving quickly through the trees and low-lying bushes, found his way closer to the origins of the sound, and it was Her.

Her mien was dark, and great tears ran from her eyes, swollen and red, a rainbow coloured blanket cast about her, her hair askew, and He was upon Her, arms embracing, and looking into Her eyes, said, “I stand with you, do not fear, let us sit and let me listen to your tale.” She ruefully followed Him, her eyes downcast, and her small hands, weakness having replaced Her natural strength, looked older somehow, and they continued apace to a small clearing, two large stones offering a warm space in the early morning mist, which was moving slowly away, down into the valley behind them. He sat her down gently, and looked into Her deep emerald soul, searching for a rhyme or reason for the deep melancholy, which hovered around her like bees to honey.

He held Her chin in his hand, and gently lifted her head, so that He could continue to search her soul, as she had let her head droop, and began to softly weep; he said (for it now dawned on Him, that he was the cause of this misshapen moment, this conflict and pain), “My desire must have overtaken me, as when we parted last, you had become divisive with yourself, at my bidding, and it is I, who must bear the blame for your state, and I humbly ask your forgiveness, as not a single hair on your head, nor a spot on your body would I harm.” He said this, as tears fell from his face, and She, in turn, returned his gaze, soul for soul, and Her mien changed, a glow appearing where there had been only red and black, and gently put her hand upon his face, falling into Him, and they both wept.

They talked of many things and, each to their own, plumbed the depths of their feelings, exchanging life-stories, and sharing the intimate moments, which only comes from Love – and of lovers. The time passed, and arousal, often coming on the heels of anguish, intensity, or deprivation, soon began to consume them both, and the passing pleasures of lips, hands and intentions, soon took the moment, exchanging pain for pleasure, and soon the heat of their skin was a radiant and glowing form, and He was overwhelmed with passion, and gently took Her hand, picked her up, and told her to follow him.

He was full, his heat filling him, seeking release, and he took Her to a small glen, with trees and animals all about, flowers and delicious scents bathed them in their gifts, but his awareness of Her scent, would still all the other flavours in his mind, and facing Her, he deeply embraced Her, and let his fullness embrace Her body, and soon He was exposed to the full view of nature, and to Her, directing her hands to him, feeling her timid and gentle touch, cool and hot at the same time; the moment had arrived, and as He enveloped Her, she whispered, “Wait, not yet,” and she fell to her knees, embracing the length of his thighs, her hands now strong, firm, and with intention pushed her head between His legs, just above the knees, up to her neck, in a pose of submission and acknowledgment then, of a sudden, she withdrew, and her long hair fell at his feet, her forehead resting gently on the tops of his feet, saying something under her breath, a prayer, perhaps, and he leaned over slightly, and caressed Her head in acknowledgment, and picked Her up, gently taking her into his arms, astounded at the symbolism of the act, and fully accepting it.

Her face was flushed, Her eyes with the look of a wild and fully present mind, filled with intentions, and He said to her, “I have never seen this gift in my life, and acknowledge your sense of giving, and your worship of my fullness and intention; it is no mean thing you do and, unless you are used to this submission at the sight of a man’s fullness, tells me that you have, indeed, accepted me into your deepest of souls, and it is now upon you, how you will now bear this.” She looked into His eyes, and deep within her, a pounding of her heart leaped with joy and passion, and she acknowledged what had happened between them, and their embracing was full, and complete.