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~ Bourne of The Past ~

 He and She

The theme presented here, was both a reflection of my relationship with the Muse, as well as providing material for Tales of Love and Light, and is part of a larger presentation, a dialogue, in fact, that was intended to be brought to bear in the real world.

Since the writing of this theme, many talks between men and women have occurred, and the general consensus is this: Men seem to naturally fight this feeling of submitting to the one they love missing, in my opinion, the totality of a true relationship, allowing the other person to be in complete control of your feelings – if only for those few moments – and in like kind, the other person submits to you; this exchange is natural, you want to submit to this person, and you expect their submission to be complete as well.

The talk about ‘giving of oneself’ is simply that, talk.

The fear of giving completely to another person should, by all accounts, be measured by many things. One primary consideration is that of trust, this is self-evident, yet one must understand what this means, by definition, if not the intention itself. This type of trust has become, in our modern age, rare.

If this type of spirit can be found, or more likely, made aware of, the sense of attraction becomes dominant, and the draw stronger still. The Muse, in this case, had issues with ‘trust’, making an interesting dichotomy since, in many cases, people with ‘trust issues’ cannot, by definition, usually be trusted.

So it is, that with time and observation, with a few lashes added in, that trust is brought out, forcing the other person to adhere to a stricter conception of human understanding, making allowances for a lack of communication skills, or emotional honesty, and building a more realistic appreciation of the word trust, when dealing with Love, or a lover.

It has been said by many, that men are far more romantic than women, that we bring a sharper focus, intensity is the word but, in many cases, cannot carry it through for long durations. This may be an invidious observation, and is not intended to be gender specific, a generality is, after all, a generality, and since the degrees of intensity vary between individuals, and is incommensurate between men and women, to be sure, as we each bring such a unique and complex psychology. It is, however, something to think about.

Woman, on the other hand, seems ever to be able to take her time, ferreting out those singular expectations, which will, in all probability, secure stability for herself. In other words, men are more likely to consider risk as a normal part of the equation, and thereby developing a relationship to risk as ‘take it as it comes’ proposition, where Woman [usually] feels obligated to see the future, and will subordinate emotions with a ‘wait and see approach’.

There were moments, as the surrounding periods prior to penning this dialogue/poem presented themselves, that much of what has been said above took place, and in my case, wanted to put the Muse to the test, and tested She was.

It has proved a good risk, in all ways.

Bourne of The Past comes from Tales of Love and Light, and is another dialogue, in response to a somewhat contrived and metaphysical presentation by a convocation involving ritual initiation, as well as involving the subtle nuances of that submission, quixotic and unknown in its outcome; yet, it also presents more than a certainty, a strength and character, which dominates, at the primal level, the masculine.










~ Bourne Of The Past ~

(On the awareness of strength, and the inner self)


I seek the power within

That grotto of despair

And pleasure –

The goddess to whom I have submitted.


In a cradle of Pine

The scent of Cedar and Sage

Has my senses taken

And in her arms, I am heavy still.


Of magic and muse I submit

In love’s tenderness

I relent

Bourne of the past and in our Dreams.


In the truth I lay with Her

Soft upon the ground


Waters ebb and flow

Yet beauty remains.


I speak to Her of magic and muse

Blood and Stone

Mountains and the Moon

Heavy in my arms, peace she does bring.


Her waters fill my soul

I bow to Sol and the Moon

Embracing Her

Our breaths become One.


My breath and yours have now become One!


~ Finis ~