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~ Sacred Rite ~

Sacred Rite

An invitation reckoned kind

The party gathers sublime

The music pervasive

Your eyes aglow.

As is your fare, you demurely hide

Your intentions

The weathered look of this abode

Only makes your comfort grow.


The time between us has been building

The passion only veiled slightly by


Soon the moon is seen, the path set straight.

The walk and talk engrossing

The rate a slow and passionate


Your shoes rising high as the moon.

The many missives and gestures

We share between us

Are enhanced by the quickening

Of our hearts.

Time passes by as if it did not


Deeper and deeper your bliss

Until your flowing is touched by a kiss.

Your eyes sparkle, that deepest

Emerald green

The flow of your nectar

A steady stream.

No thought of stemming the flood

Hand in hand

Our union One –

The sacred rite to be performed.

Passing away from all restraint

A soft command and

In your hand my heartbeat you


The power of this rite

Expectant penetration

Filled to overflowing

The scent and milk you reap.

Filling the void of embrace

The sacred rite fills and glows

The sweetness of this milk

Soft as an silk.

Your eyes look to me

From that demure repose

Tasting what you taste

Feeling what you feel.

Your head is spinning

The moment too intense

The goddess above you watches

You gently lay to rest.

Soon the dreams are upon you

And the night begins to fade

Twilight is upon you

Your waking filled with dread.

Your message is heard

Soon your muse is there

The call of the Sea becomes

More than real.

Upon the sand, your mind numb

The wind in your hair

The salt on your skin

The softness of its touch upon your feet.

Your lips move with words of understanding

As you always seem to do

Your eyes aglow with passion and

Depth as you always seem to do.

Upon the sand we rest

Your head upon my chest

The healing of the waves and sun

Bring you closer to the One.

I hold you as no other

Your breath upon me feel

A tent of intentions you make

My soul begins to shake.

Your legs entwine with mine

A demure and sleeping pose

Your scent like your rose –

Time seems to pass in time.

The early morning darkness

A boon to you and I

A deepness ever growing

As the day increases the heart.

The day begins to beckon

A return to the reality of night

The anticipation

Making you have to face the truth.

But as you face your fears

An opening is made

Fear and dread making you

Cringe and lie.

Your chance was here and now

You chose to run and hide

Two times more you had a chance

To live and lay with romance.

I told you true that in


This would come to haunt you

Running from it then or now only proves it true.

Nostalgia, like all memories

Has two sharpened sides

The idea of romance is not a

Selfish thing.

Don’t talk to me of selflessness and


What is past has passed

Upon our shoulders let it rest.

~ Finis ~