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~ Reflections ~


It is true of every relationship, of every sort of deep and abiding love (this includes all living things, like a cat or aReflecting pool dog, for instance), that for a moment, or for periods of long duration, memories and happenings, related to the life-experiences between the parties, come flooding back with a passion and clarity not ordinarily observed or felt. When these times come, and one is able to savor the moment, one can smell the smells, hear the music, or feel the grass beneath one’s feet, enhancing that time or moment, and life is good.

During this time period, a certain estrangement was making itself known, and was burrowing deeply into the mundane, which, in turn, affected the psychic connection between the Muse and I. There was, in fact, fire and ice between us, and as misunderstandings make for poisonous bed-fellows, had entered the bloodstream of attraction and awareness, making necessary decisions, on my part, to depart from this attractive and seductive presence, power and essence, which the Muse so possessed.

Sometimes pain must be embraced, the abyss accepted. Better simply to let the door open in its own time – a lesson which, for some, is harder by degree, as the natural flow comes quickly, and patience, as a virtue, is often looked at as an opposition, a barrier to be overcome, rather than flowing with the process – but lessons come, whether we wish it or no – we are obligated, at the very least, to observe these influences, mark them as happening, and to our success or failure, do we accept or reject these lessons.

During this time, and I think for the Muse and I, this particular time was very real, very personal, and the different levels of introspection for each of us, brought to bear those qualities necessary for growth; of course, one did not necessarily see this at the time in such a stoic way, but as I have said before, seemingly, every nuance had its place, the ups and downs only making the pathway clearer, pushing the debris aside.

Many days had elapsed, and there was silence, a deep and dark silence, the kind where I wanted to be the first to break, but keeping that distance, which the Muse had said was necessary for her to ‘be’, and try and deal with certain aspects of her life.

Giving ‘space’ can be, and often is (as far as myself is concerned), problematic.

For those of us who are used to directing our own affairs, a certain acceptance of control is natural, but when dealing with another person, becomes a fine line to walk, as falling to one side or the other, like anything, takes you into another direction, and a new process, of necessity, must then begin.

In reflecting upon the many and varied situations, encounters and conversations, and each to their own, saw the fabric of life weaving a unique and emotive tapestry, the feelings welling up inside, brought with it, the clear and passionate memories, that whisper of a intention, the breath on one’s skin, of that special person, that mesmerizing voice, or a simple song, hummed, in the early morning in your ears, alone.

Reflections, then, is a simple motif shared by all of us, and this is my own.




~ Reflections ~

(To that Memory beyond memories)

The light of the Sun
Our breath as one
The sight of ridge and shore –
I’m wanting it more.

Your eyes and hands upon me feel
The memory still so real –
Here, now, and always.

Meadows and the trees
The rush of your breath
Passing over me –
The cresting power of the Sea.

The ebb and flow of tide
Shows the footprints in the sand
Of you and I –
Stretching back into eternity.

The sun and moon reside
Upon plains of emerald green
Your hands in mine
In a cradle of pine …always.

Your eyes and hands upon me feel
The memory still so real –
Here, now, and always.

~ Finis ~

Poems of Love and light – in the light of the sun