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imagesJUOLTOLOThe Moon is Waning in the sign of Scorpio after the Full Moon in Virgo. The Moon represents the unconscious, instinctive side of our natures deep, intoxicating and driven.

Scorpio is a water sign but unlike gentle Pisces or nurturing Cancer Moon phases – the Scorpio moon phase can be quite uncomfortable. Scorpio power drags the deeps and brings up whatever it finds no matter how uncomfortable or painful the process may be. While Scoprios are notoriously private, they are driven to discover right down to the bottom of the well about everything else. When the Moon moves through this phase our unconscious mind dwells on the darker things, and goes after them. We are less content to let things lie and are more easily provoked. Our instincts are highly sensitised as are our defences. This can be a productive time – especially after the Virgo full moon where…

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