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The difference between altars and shrines is they serve different purposes.  An altar is for working.  It is the space a witch sets up for an esbat, a sabat, a magical working, or permanently for all sorts of practices (examples: divination, meditation, etc.).  Basically it is the place for transformational change.  In contrast, a shrine serves to honor a person, deity, or concept.  Offerings and prayers may be given here.  People tend to create shrines after a passing or tragedy as well.  It is more of a place to connect rather than to do magic.  For a lengthy discussion on both altars and shrines, listen to the latest episodes of Circle Craft Podcast.

Objects that can reside on altars include:

  • Ritual objects, such as athames, chalices, wands, cauldrons, etc.
  • Divination tools
  • Herbs, gemstones, or other magical tools

Image A Pagan altar (source:

Objects that can be found on shrines…

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