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~ Sense and Experience ~

The deep and present interactions between the Muse and I, seemingly shuffled together, separated by unique, Sense and Experiencesensual and metaphysical, yes, spiritual encounters, were interspersed with the mundane, and often presented such dichotomies, that when faced with the penning of the experience, was only highlighted, and not confused with ordinary happenings – this is the whole point of Poetry – it allows the scent, the mesmerizing voice, which undulates with that rhythmic pattern of intentions and personality, of desire and experience, that magick formula, which brings with it cause and effect, of memory and thought, and allows it to be shared, painted as it were, on the canvas of our daily lives.

Nature, herself, adds to this totality of experience, and under a canopy of green, of rough exteriors and rustling leaves, the soft breath of our surroundings, and the sense of the earth beneath our feet, all adds, of necessity, an even larger theme, which transforms itself into both sense and experience, the gift of interaction and sharing becoming an even larger living experience.

A place had been chosen, an auspicious serendipity, to be sure, by which to share in a more remote location, an occasional change of pattern, of a more private and intentional place, by which free expression would not be in conflict with much of the mundane – the coming and going of life – and would, as I began to see it, allow that natural magick to blossom, and provide a womb-like environment for the Muse and I. This it did, and more, as the Theme progresses, and has also been added to more Tales of Love and Light.

The setting for this missive was one of enjoyment and passion, with songs and discussions; it was one of learning and sharing. There was, however, the beginning of a new aspect to the rhythm of the dance, each to their own devices, the Muse taking a more serious look at herself, and what she had and was sharing in this mutual transformation. She began to look at her intentions in a different way, already deep in her sentient verbalization, began to feel herself slipping into an area of life that began to pull her down into the long-term implications of her own desire and mutual actions


~ Sense And Experience ~

(To that passionate Grove)

Deeply moved by all there is

To feel

To drink the flood of your essence

The power within you Divine.

A balance of your senses

A parting of your form

You sing and dance

A body lies next to you.

You revel in your abandon

The love of passion and communion

The love of beauty too –

You sense it in your master.

The master is beauty and


Grace and charm there is also

The cup of passion, often a potent brew.

So much you have desired

Restrained you are safe

The passion of release –

Do not lose your way.

Keeping yourself attuned and

Greatly pleasing

You begin to embrace

More than Cupid’s intentions.

Deep waters are dark

Let me show you the light

Shimmering –

I embrace your intensity.

Watching you grow has been like an opening rose

A flame of spirit and repose

Of chaos and passion –

So close to my heart you know.

My hand to you is outstretched

You have touched the deepness of my passion

As long as your breath resides

To me, close to my heart. you remain,

To that milk and honey

The taste and scent received

Fills my throat and lungs with desire –

Bittersweet it seems to me.

The light in your eyes

The deepest emerald green

You share the power within

And close your eyes in ecstasy.

That deep cry within your breast

Is waiting to be heard

And in that ancient Grove –

Your milk and honey flowed.

Under canopies of green

Leaves upon the ground

Your heat and passion tested –

That pearl now opened up to me.

To that passionate Grove

Our pleasures sated

Under the canopies of green –

Does our breath abide.

~ Finis ~

Poems of Love and light – in the light of the sun