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Connections, however they occur, are important indications as to the authenticity of their nature; spontaneous goddess 1connections have a certain innate impulse, drawing two people together – that first look, or that first passing touch – or it could simply be the draw of a moment in time, that wispy vapor of a morning mist, making the images in one’s head that much more poignant for the physical surroundings.

Connections can also be planned, or incubated by ritual and intent, the setting set, and the very presence of a beloved felt deep in every root and tree.

Seeing the presence in your mind, of someone dear to you, remembering the smile, the scent, the vulnerability and intimacy, remain in a place of intention, it is a memory beyond memories.

It is location, like the memory of a dearly loved song, which provides a connection that will outlast even the intentions of the moment; at this particular time, decisions were to be made, and situations develop as they will – this is when a place of connection seemed to help – as we cannot always play an active part in the lives of others.




~ Connections ~

(To the magic of Mimir’s Well1)

There is a solace of connection at Mimir’s Well

It is a place called the Heart;

The day-to-day imperfections

When we are apart.

The feelings of emotive power

Bring us closer, hour by hour

The wind at my back

The sense and grace of your smile.

The falling water, a bubbling brook

The signs and totems, pages in a book;

The carousel of time, paths made straight

The pull to be near you – just hate to wait.

The burden of choices to make

Not much else to say;

The gift of the day, a passing parade

Missing the laughter in your eyes.

Reason or none at all

What is the chosen way?

Life’s womb is always bursting

With the remnants of yesterday.

Trust you say – but what is trust

If one but doubts their own way?

Rely on the look in my eyes

And my hand upon your face.

~ Finis ~

1 This is Where Odin placed his Eye, as a sacrifice to Mimir, in exchange for Wisdom – sacrifice of the self, is a necessary requirement in passing onward and forward. FLS